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GajToys- Smart Succulent Pot with Grow Light with Timer and Fan and Drainage Hole- White

Product Description
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This succulent pot with a grow light is designed to help succulents achieve optimal growth and flourishing.
Its integrated LED lighting provides the succulent with the optimal amount of sunlight to help succulents grow healthily and with beautiful colors. The built-in fan is designed for good ventilation and ensures that the succulent is given a suitable environment to thrive. It also helps to reduce stress on succulents and prevent diseases from developing. The grow light provides optimal lighting to keep your succulents healthy and beautiful. With the succulent pot and grow light, succulents can reach their full potential!
 Promoting Photosynthesis: This Succulent Pot is ideal for promoting photosynthesis so your succulents can thrive.
Minimalist Design: The design of this succulent pot is simple and minimalist, making it perfect for any space.
Build-in Fan: The built-in fan helps prevent overheating and ensures your succulents get the oxygen they need.
High Quality: This pot is made of high-quality materials designed to last longer.
Adjustable Lighting: The adjustable lighting can be tailored to accommodate different succulent species.
Color: White
Dimensions: 11.2x11.5x18.5 cm
Material: Plastic 
-Build-in Fan for Good Ventilation
-Build-in Fan with Timer,works 20 min and stops 40 min
-Adjustable Growing Lighting of 100% and 50%
-Lighting Timer Mode of 12 Hours and 24 Hours
What in the Box?
1 x Lampshade
1 x Planting pot
1 x Base
1 x USB power cord

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