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Ham Press Maker

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The secret to healthy and delicious meat: Delicious meat made at home only
requires a small portion of the cost you pay at the supermarket. There are nounknown ingredients, only the meat and spices you like. Making it yourself is not
only healthier, but you can also customize ham, luncheon meat, steak, bacon, or
other cooked foods according to your taste and imagination.


High-quality Stainless Steel: Made of 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel,which is extremely
durable and easy to maintain. Does not absorb odor and rustproof. The high-quality stainless
steel is environmentally friendly and better suited for cooking than plastic. Dishwasher safe. Size and Capacity: Product Height - 6.5" (Ham press with cover is 8"), Diameter - 4", Capacity - 1.5L, it can hold up to 2lb (1kg) of meat. Features a handy thermometer for accurate temperature control during the stewing process. Thethermometer range: 0-120℃ ( 0-248℉ ).

Material: 304stainless steel
Product size:10*10*20cm 492G
single packing is 12*12*20.3cm, white box packing,560g/set
thermometer range:0-120℃
Note: * Do not leave thermometer inside Ham Press during cooking, it can become hot. Check
temperature periodically. * Do not place ham maker directly on the fire or heating plate! * Remove the pressed ham is to run warm water around the outside of the ham maker. Removethe lid. Invert the ham maker onto a plate. The pressed ham will slide out. If it doesn’t slide out, run the ham maker under more warm water and try again.

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