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Hand grinder for food

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Cast Iron Corn Grinder with High Hopper, Grinder for Corn Coffee Food Wheat Oats Nuts Spices Seeds


Product Description:

This manually operated grinder facilitates the production of fresh and nutritious milled cereal products. The hand crank mechanism ensures ease of operation and precise control over the milling pr

• HOMEMADE FLOUR: Experience the joy of becoming your own flour mill with this superior cast iron corn grinder. This flour mill grinder for home use puts you in control of your meal preparation, ensuring the freshest ingredients and the most authentic flavors.
• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our hand-mill grain grinder is user-friendly, safe, food-grade, sturdy, and features an ergonomic design. To meet your requirements, change the nut's position to change the powder's density. This hand-cranking manual grinder for kitchen is easy to attach to the desktop, labor-saving, and designed for hand-cranking operation.
• MULTI-GRAIN: This grinder isn't just for corn, it's also a wheat grinder for making flour. The wheat mill grinder for home use allows you to create a variety of dishes from scratch, using fresh, nutritious ingredients.
• FAST GRINDING: With this wheat mill, you can grind at an impressive speed of up to 1 pound per minute. This wheat grinder allows you to process large amounts of grains swiftly and effortlessly, whether you're cooking for a large family or stocking up on homemade ingredients.
• EASY MAINTENANCE: Before its first use, create a paste by mixing a little water and salt, grind it a few times, then rinse well with water. This simple process primes your grinder for use and ensures optimal performance. With the right care and maintenance, your grinder will continue to yield excellent results for many years.
BEFORE FIRST USE Mix a little water and salt similar to a paste then grind it a few times. Then rinse well with water.

What's in the box:
adjusting screw x1
mounting bracket x1
rubber pad x1
auger x1
mill body x1
crank handle x1
fixing screw x1
feed hopper x1

Material Cast Iron
Item Weight 3.5KGS
Recommended Uses For Product Grinding
Product Dimensions 31L x 15.5W x 42CM H
Box Packaging size
 15L*13W*30.5CM H



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