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Herqona - Tabletop Alcohol Portable Indoor Firepit 40cm - Matte Black

Product Description
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Double layer consumption chamber with strengthen glass, matte black metal base ;which is portable and mess-free

Having a firepit gives an elevating look, not only that, but it also gives a smoke-free house that looks beautiful and lasts for a long. Smokeless non-toxic, and odorless heat makes it an excellent choice for indoor fireplaces. The beautiful flames coming from the portable firepit make them worth compliments for visitors. This lightweight fireplace is easy to carry and makes a perfect gift for someone who likes fireplaces.

- Seek shape: it has the dimensions (L x W x H) of 40x25x12cm, making it a perfect firepit for a tabletop.

- Durable Body: its entire frame is made of Alloy steel which is robust to give it stability for a long time. Its sting frame and elite design make it look timeless.

- Weight: it weighs, 2000gms, which is adequate to hold the mini fireplace in its position.

- Premium burner: The high-quality 430 stainless steel burners gives flames for several hours without producing smoke.

- No smoke: This metal frame doesn’t produce smoke; hence, it makes it eco-friendly and the same in cabins and houses.
Sturdy design: The mini fireplace frame is constructed with a double-layer consumption chamber topped with solid glass. The base has a strong metal finish that makes it heat-tolerating.
Insulated surface: To keep it thermally stable, its metal frame is coated with black powder, so there is no damage to the metal surface.


Colour: Black
Dimensions: 40(L)25(W)12(H)cm

What's in the box?

1 x Tabletop Firepit

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