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Pract Pack - Laundry Bra and Underwear Garments Wash Mesh Bags 5 Piece Set

Product Description
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Protect your clothes and delicates when washing. For washing underwear, bras, general undergarments and other delicates.

Pract Pack’s 5 piece wash mesh bags are ideal. Just put your clothes in the differently sized bags and place the bag in your washing machine for a clean wash while protecting your garments. By using Pract Pack’s mesh bags, you can lengthen the usable life of your delicate garments while keeping them pristine throughout.

- Combination Pack: This Pract Pack wash mesh set comes in 5 pieces, each a different size. You have more options to separate your garments and place them in the appropriate pouch. Place larger articles in the bigger pouches and smaller articles in the smaller pouches for best results.
- Good Fabric: Made of thick material for longer usability and better protection of your garments.
- Auto-lock Zipper: Helps to keep your clothes inside the mesh bag during the wash cycle
- Great for Baby Clothes: Use them to wash the little one’s clothes.
- Versatile: Use them to either for washing or storing and separating dirty clothes, especially when travelling.

What's in the box?
5 Pieces Wash Mesh Bags of Different Sizes

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