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Pruchef - 1200ml Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser - Black

Product Description
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Description :
Pruchef teakettle is made of cast iron, using traditional casting technology, after later hand polishing, the body of the pot is painted with pine and crane patterns The flat bottom of the kettle makes the pot heat evenly and keeps the temperature longer. Using high-temperature water to make tea can inspire and enhance the aroma of the tea.  When cleaning the cast iron teapot, do not use iron balls, or sponge brushes, do not use detergents, and rinse with water.

Features :
-Handmade Design: Our teapot is made of cast iron, and its inner wall undergoes a safe high-temperature process to prevent rust and ensure safety. It has a pine crane pattern, symbolizing longevity.
-Capacity: It holds 1200ml when full and is best suited for serving 3-5 people during afternoon tea, with a recommended boiling capacity of 840ml.
- Filter Mesh: The teapot set includes a removable filter mesh for loose-leaf teas. The mesh is dense to prevent leakage.
- Cleaning: Use water for cleaning, avoiding dishwashing detergent. It has an ergonomic handle and spout for easy pouring. 
-Beautiful & Practical: The teapot's craftsmanship and hand-painted design make it a decorative addition to dining and living spaces.

Color: Black
Material: Cast Iron
Weight: 1560g
Capacity: 1200ml 
Dimensions: 18.2 × 18 × 12.2cm
What's in the box:
 1 x Cast Iron Teapot
 1 x Filter
 1 x Cast Iron lid

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