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SuaTools - 60cm Durable Wall Carbon Steel Smoothing Knife Tool - Red

Product Description
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Egronomic plastic handle strong grip, composite carbon steel end blade, measurements 60x15cm

Wall Smoothing Knife is an easy-to-use tool that makes wall smoothing a breeze. It is designed to help you quickly and easily apply coatings and waxed concrete on large surfaces. Its ergonomic handle provides comfort and control while its sharp, stainless-steel blade glides easily across any surface. It is perfect for smoothing rough walls, seams and ridges to create a seamless finish. Its razor-sharp edge allows you to easily reach tight corners and crevices, making it ideal for detailed work.

- Ergonomic: The ergonomic handle creates a comfortable grip, allowing you to make smooth and precise movements.
- Lightweight: The Durable Wall Smoothing Knife is lightweight, providing great work ability and reducing fatigue.
- Bi-Flex Technology: The bi-flex technology creates an even and consistent finish, providing a smooth surface.
- Abrasion Resistant: This knock-down smoothing knife is highly abrasion resistant and won't wear down easily.
- Perfect Grip: Strong handle grip ensures you have perfect control over the tool, making it easier to get the job done.
- Easy Application: The Durable Wall Smoothing Knife is designed for hassle-free application. The ergonomic handle ensures great comfort and enables smooth movements, allowing you.

- Dimensions: Diameter:60cm,width:5cm.
- Colour: Red
- Weight: 750g
- Blade Material: Carbon Steel
- Handle: Plastic

What's in the box?

1 x 60cm Drywall Skimming Blade

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