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Toto Bubs - Portable White Noise Sound Machine for Baby Kids and Adults - White

Product Description
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Portable sleep and calming sound machine for home, office or travel.

Sleep is one of the most important activities in our daily lives. Sadly, all too often we don’t get enough of it, leaving us restless and sometimes cranky. A white noise machine can help you maximize the amount of sleep you get by helping you get to sleep faster so you don’t waste valuable time tossing and turning. It does this by blocking out distracting background noise and creating a more uniform sound environment to fall asleep in. Aside from functioning as a sleeping aid, this sound machine can be used more generally to help you focus and block out noise pollution at home or in the office and is great for babies, kids and adults alike. Can also be used for background noise while getting a massage.


- Noise shielding - 16 clear high quality sounds (6 nature sounds, 6 white noise & fan sounds and 4 lullaby sounds), allowing you to pick the your ideal background to cover intruding and distracting noises.

-Helps create the perfect calming environment for work, study, sleep or to soothe an upset baby.

- Nightlight colours - the device also functions as a nightlight with 7 colours.

- Multiple volume levels - allows you to adjust the sound level to your desired comfort. Increase the volume to drown out annoying outside sounds or keep the volume low to create an almost unnoticeable ambiance.

- Build in timers - choose between an automatic cut off at various intervals or continuous play.

- Small and portable design - easy to carry with your wherever you go. No need to worry about sleepless nights away from home - just carry your sound machine with you.

- Great gift idea - for babies, kids or adults - everyone can use some calm quiet time with soothing background sounds

\What's in the Box?

1 x White Noise Sound Machine

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