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TugoPlay - LCD Writing Tablet Pad Electronic Drawing Writing Board

Product Description
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LCD writing pad light energy electronic blackboard drawing children notebook for family school
The Writing Tablet is a perfect learning tool for young ones. It easily erases, so children can start creative projects repeatedly, with no messy clean-up! This pad has a built-in stylus that easily fits in its side holder. The 21.7 cm LCD writing surface and bright backlight make it perfect for kids to easily practice handwriting and drawing skills. It's a perfect way to give the kids an easy start in the world of creativity.
Higher Contrast Ratio: With a higher contrast ratio, the images will appear brighter and clearer.
Convenient: The LCD Drawing Board is light and portable, making it an ideal choice for kids to use in school or at home.
Slim Stylus:  The smart writing pen makes drawing and writing easier and more comfortable for kids.
Environmental Friendly: The Electronic Digital LCD uses no ink or paper, so there's no need to use up resources.
Built-In Button Battery: The LCD Writing Pad for Kids is powered by an ultra-long-lasting button battery.
Compact: The perfect size makes it easy to store and takes up very little space.
Color: Red
Material:  LCD + ABS
Dimensions: 21.7×14.3×0.5 cm
Display Panel: LCD
Battery: Built-in button battery
Capacity: 150MAh
Purpose: Writing board, calligraphy practice board, note board (suitable to children to practice writing).
What in the Box?
1 x LCD Writing Pad
1 x Handwriting pen

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