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VolaFit - 5 Tube Pedal Fitness Rope Pedal Resistant Band - Black

Product Description
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Elastic Bands Yoga Equipment with non-slip handle, removable pond hose & comfortable padles
VolaFit Pedal Resistant Band works out on your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. It is not only a way to lose fat by exercising with our tummy trimmer, but it is also a way to shape your body. The 5 tube pedal fitness rope is made of environmentally friendly foam, and the tube is made of NBR, which is good for your body.
1. Non-slip foam handle: high-density foam handle that is soft and comfortable to the touch while also being safe and non-slip.
2. The detachable pound rubber hose is resilient, and different pound rubber hoses can be adjusted to each individual's preference.
3. Non-slip foam pedal material, padded pedal pad, suitable for convenience and comfort.
4. Using different exercise postures can help you exercise your entire body muscles, and the colours in this series are also the richest.
5. You can do it on your own. You can practise sit-ups and yoga postures without bothering others.
Basic Color: Black
Size: 62 x 26 cm
Material :TPE and foam
What in the Box?
1 x Pedal Stretcher

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